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Why you should come to Blue Dog!

Amazing Training:

How well trained is your dog trainer? Believe it or not a person does not need to be licensed nor have any formal education/training in Dog Obedience in order to be a “dog trainer.” That means that someone who has no formal education and possibly only took a short crash course in dog training could be training your dog. Care Vet
Issaquah Dog Clinics

  • Our trainers have actual diploma’s in Dog Obedience training and education, experience and certifications in other fields.
  • Our classes are small (5 – 7 dogs per class) so we have the time and ability to focus on you and your dog. Other programs allow as many as 10, 15 or even as many as 25 dogs in a classroom.
  • Our facility has both indoor and outdoor areas for training and daycare.
  • We go over more than just the basics. We focus on other areas that some training programs consider a waste of time or not worth training.

Daycare the way it should be:

  • Our daycare is for small breed (30lbs or less) dogs only. No interacting small breeds with large breeds.
  • We have an OUT DOOR POTTY AREA!!! Good luck finding other facilities that offer that.
  • We know that a dog is not just a dog. They are family.

Who we are:

Blue Dog is a group of trainers and doggie daycare providers who, after working with other trainers and companies, decided to develop a business teaching a method we call Wonder Dog Training. After studying several methods of dog training such as: pack; clicker; positive; learned behavior; and traditional, we found several positive and negative attributes of each. We take the best of each method and combine them into Wonder Dog training.

What makes us different:

Our trainers know that a well-rounded education is necessary to understand how to train and live with dogs. Our trainers take our classes to the next level by keeping up with the latest advancements in training methods through continued education. This allows them to develop programs that work for the average dog while also being able to understand individual dog breeds, behaviors and needs to provide your dog the best chance to succeed in training. And who better to look after your dog during daycare than a well-educated dog trainer?

How we do that thing we do so well:

Wonder Dog Training is achieved by incorporating fun into the latest training methods. We know that keeping people and dogs entertained is key to successful training. As training is a link to the bonding relationship between owner and dog, keeping focused on fun rather than simply being instructional helps ensure successful training and a greater bond between you and your dog.

So stop reading through our web site. Come in and meet with us and you’ll see what all the talk is about.

Date last modified: November 16th, 2012